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City of Bakersfield Water Spray Parks


May 4th – May 26th , Weekends Only, 12-7pm
May 31st -Sept 2nd , 7 Days a Week, 12-7pm
Sept 3rd -Sept 29th , Weekends Only, 12-7pm

For more info, call 326-FUNN!

Wayside Water Spray Park
Location: Ming & El Toro
Jefferson Water Spray Park
Location: Beale & Bernard
Wayside Spray Park Jefferson Spray Park
Martin Lurther King Jr.
Water Spray Park
Location: East California & South Owens Street
Planz Water Spray Park
Location: Planz & South H Street
Martin Lurther King Jr. Spray Park Planz Spray Park
Beale Water Spray Park
Location: Palm Avenue & Oleander Avenue
Jastro Water Spray Park
Location:Truxtun Avenue
Beale Spray Park Jastro Spray Park

Saunders Spray Park
Location: Between Oak Street and Real Road

Greystone Spray Park
Location: Between Mountain Vista & Harris Rd
Greystone Spray Park