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Aquatics Activities

Swim lessons are offered in the Summer. Please check back in April 2014 for more swim lesson information.

Lap Swimming
12 years & up
McMurtrey Aquatic Center is open year-round for lap swimming!
Get into shape physically and aerobically through lap swimming. Must be able to swim 25 yards non-stop.
Lane availability may vary.

100 MILE CLUB Set your own pace and join the 100 Mile Club!
While enjoying your workout at your own pace, you keep track of your laps. Fill out a tracking sheet and we’ll log your progress. There is no fee to participate in the club.
Reach 100 Miles and earn:
1 Free Lap Swim Pass & 100 Mile Club T-Shirt
*See the Aquatic Homepage for more 100 Mile Club information.

Deep Water Intervals
12 years & up
Experience vigorous, non-impact, deep water conditioning guaranteed to yield fitness results. Strengthen core muscles and rapidly increase your fitness level by joining in this interval class. Workouts are fast moving and fun!

Free CPR & First Aid for Parents of Children 0 to 5
Thanks to a grant from First 5 Kern, the City of Bakersfield’s Make A Splash program will be offering free Standard First Aid, Pediatric CPR, and Water Safety courses for parents of children ages 0 to 5 at McMurtrey Aquatic Center.

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Swimming Small Group Training Sessions
12 years & up
These new training sessions will help you maximize your workout, set custom goals, and improve health and swimming skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation that comes with working in a group setting.

Kayaking Classes
14 years & up
This is a fun class to introduce you to a great water sport. You will learn about kayak features and selection, paddling strokes, safety, and equipment. Sign up today!